Love, dedication and selfless dedication


  Employees are the cornerstone of the development of the enterprise.

With the continuous development and growth of the company, a batch of advanced model employees have emerged. They are dedicated, United and cooperative in their respective work positions, striving unremittingly; they strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, obey the arrangements, and are consistent; they are hard-working, conscientious and responsible, and make great contributions to the completion of tasks with high quality.

Since October, all kinds of orders have come one after another, and the production tasks of the plastic packaging workshop are too busy. In order to guarantee the quality and quantity of the goods, the workshop will give up the rest time and work overtime continuously for production. In particular, the weaving process, extrusion process and loop forming process of the plastic packaging workshop have outstanding achievements. The weaving process has always been in a state of shortage of manpower and heavy work tasks. Zhang Leying and Luo caiju, who are in charge of this process, bravely shoulder the heavy burden, take the responsibility of themselves everywhere, insist on the initiative and work overtime continuously. Xia Chuanqiang in the extrusion process, Guo Zhongcui, Shi Wenya, Zhao Jufen and Zhao Lianqiao in the circle also overcome all difficulties and keep up with the progress. When you walk into the workshop and look at their busy figure, you still keep a full enthusiasm for work.

They take the job as a responsibility, they do their best for the development of the company, and set an example with good professional quality and professional skills. They work silently in ordinary posts, practice with practical actions, and write the most passionate feelings of Pearl people.